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Before you begin tearing up carpet, remove any doors that swing into the room, including bifold closet doors. Doors that swing into adjoining rooms can stay in.

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Remove this small piece of carpet and then pull up on the larger section. Hi I pulled up a smelly old carpet in the place I'm renting and while tearing the.

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Also, make sure that they know not to charge you for the time to tear out the carpet or move furniture. Call the dump where you usually take or send your trash .

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You've finally decided to get rid of that worn-out wall-to-wall carpet, but before you can install new flooring or fresh carpet, you've got to get it off.

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5 Things to Know Before Ripping Up Carpet Yourself. Do you hate your current carpet so much that you're ready and willing to tear it out? Before you get in over .

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While we were looking for hardwood floors, this one has carpet - and a nice landlord who doesn't mind if we tear it up and fix the floors. So, my.

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The decorating experts at share step-by-step info for removing wall-to -wall carpet.