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Sprint Family Locator provides the account holder with real-time locations of each person who has a GPS-enabled phone on the account.

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You have to log into and then go to Basic Contact Info- Security- Select Phones to Locate- Account Info.

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How to Block Sprint Family Locator on iPhone. This wikiHow teaches you how to prevent your location from being tracked by the Sprint Family Locator service on.

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Hello everyone. I am currently on my ex-bf's plan until I am finished paying off my phone. He currently can locate me using the family locator.

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You could go to the Settings/Apps/Manage Apps and look for the Sprint Family Locator App and select FORCE STOP or Uninstall. Turning off.

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If you are a user of Sprint Family Locator and want to know that how to disable it, then above discussion relevant to it will help you.

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Before you sign up for Sprint Family Locator, read about the pros and cons of The Sprint Family Locator service allows you to track anyone you have . If I turn off my location in my phones settings will the tracker still work?.

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We have covered all the basic features of the Sprint Family Locator App and its best There is no way to block any app on the target iOS or Android phone.

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Sprint Family Locator uses GPS and cell tower data to figure out where a phone is located. Based on what information these sources have, the.