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You can get the details programatically using ServletContext #getMajorVersion() and #getMinorVersion(). For knowing the JSP version corresponding to the.

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For knowing the JSP version corresponding to the Servlet, you can get details from this Tomcat You can easily check the JSP,SERVER and SERVLET version.

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I maintain a JEE web application running in Tomcat container. So I thought let's check what JRE version, Servlet spec and JSP spec.

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To know what is a Servlet container, we need to know what is a Web Server .. abadaeede3 Version: $LATEST.

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Returns the major version of the Java Servlet API that this servlet container supports. . A servlet instance can determine its name using ServletConfig.

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Each version of Tomcat is supported for any stable Java release that meets the The releases are described in more detail below to help you determine which . Apache Tomcat 4.x implements a new servlet container (called Catalina) that is.

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To determine the current Servlet API version across all servers, you can use The Servlet API gives servlet container implementations the right to not allow.

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Java Servlet has these versions: [TODO features and what is new] For developers, check out the Servlet Developers @ A servlet can use it to communicate with its servlet container (e.g., Tomcat, Glassfish).