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GIF. me when someone tells me “i'm addicted to make up tutorials!” do you have any tutorials for pop-up navigation systems? sorry if you already answered .

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I learn how to do these pop-up gifs and I can't stop making them! [requests for more of these, just go to my ask!] If you want to put these in your blog, read below!.

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Oct 20, REQUESTS ARE OPEN TERMS OF USE 1. Don't take credit for my popup gifs 2. Do not remove the credit.

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Right click the pop up gif you want and click 'copy image URL' then replace the ·If you want to make the gif bigger or smaller, increase/decrease the number.

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May 14, We're living in the age of 3D GIFs on Tumblr. These images, which use optical illusions to make visuals appear to pop out of the screen, have.

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Oct 19, Here you will find tutorials on how to make GIFS. Browse at your If you don't, go to Window —> Animation and it should pop up. You need to.

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Press the "Choose File" or "Browse" button if you want to post a GIF file that is stored on your computer. Double-click the GIF file in the pop-up window that.

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May 28, MJWATSON'S GIF! i made this tutorial awhile ago but then this handy little bar should pop up at the bottom of your screen.