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For example, if both a Do When and PeopleCode action exist within a given step, then Application Engine Right-click the step and select Insert Step/Action.

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Enabled when a PeopleCode action is selected. Inserts a new step and action within the currently selected section. .. and PeopleCode action exist within a given step, then Application Engine always executes the Do When action first.

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In case of %selectinit will insert(select) the null if at to keep in mind is that % Bind(xx) is for SQL steps (which includes DoWhen, DoWile and DoUntil). When using the state table in PeopleCode, you need to use RECORD.

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rows from staging record to the original record in peoplesoft, if the row already in the target record, need to insert by using application engine program. then y u mentioned like do-select,do-when then call section action.

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"Hi All, Can we write this kind of SQL in Application Engine Do Select. best way to perform this operation or is there any way where I could just merge this condition with my Insert. Subject: RE: [peopletools-l] Do Select in Application Engine.

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Its possible to write select,insert,update,delete statements in SQL It ignores all other rows (a bit like the SqlExec function in PeopleCode).

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Does PeopleSoft Application Engine generate SQL or PeopleCode? . A) The Do When action is a SELECT statement that allows A) Use this action type to insert PeopleCode within your Application Engine program.

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Application Engine programs are PeopleSoft's batch processing technology. In application designer select Insert -> Definitions into Project or press CTRL + F7.