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foreach (var person in from person in people where need is a lambda expression to limit the items the foreach look works with.

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When debugging, you can break before foreach to quickly check whether If the query is backed by a database, then the LINQ version has the.

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I am working with LINQ to EF , and have a search in which I need to filter the records based on a list of search terms. Each search term must.

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It would only make sense if foreach were the last clause. Other proposals for expanding LINQ syntax, such as the one proposing the ability to.

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Suggestion: add optional “where” clause to “foreach” statement in C# Nested LINQ Aggregate queries vs Nested Foreach statements.

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So now shall we see how to use the multiple where clause in a linq and # region Linq Immediate Query Result; foreach (var farmer in result).

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LINQ to Objects knows that it can combine two Where clauses by just constructing a compound filter. Just for kicks foreach (T item in source).

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C# Sharp Exercises: LINQ: Using multiple WHERE clause to find the the range of 1 to 11 are: \n"); foreach(var VrNum in nQuery) { Console.

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If you have some experience with SQL, then LINQ is the SQL of C# (my understanding 4. Finally we print the elements with a foreach loop.