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You know that dish of sweet potatoes topped with toasted marshmallows and brown sugar? And it's about time we all talked about the difference between yams and sweet potatoes, once and for all. Yams are related to lilies and grasses (WHAT?), while sweet potatoes are part of the.

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We call it locally in Cameroon “turning yam”. we have different types of yam” for this meal i will show you what we need, i feel some times pictures maggie & crayfishes stir again well. then,; add the yams + 3 cups of water.

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It was a story about heirloom squash and pumpkins, and to the delight and astonishment of the Tell Glenn that Margaret sent you. More on.

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You can easily cook whole sweet potatoes in the oven or peel, cube, and roast them. By After baking them for 45 minutes, test 1 potato to see if it is done.

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For one, it's made with sweet potatoes (well, officially they're yams but many stores mistakenly Give it a try and let us know what you think!.

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Cubes of sweet potatoes and pineapple tidbits are baked with brown sugar, More pictures of Pineapple Sweet Potatoes. Pineapple Sweet Potatoes. Rated as out of 5 Stars. 79 made it | 45 reviews | 5 photos . MAGGIE MCGUIRE. 2k.