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Generally, patients complain of pain sharp enough to make them flinch cracked teeth, including biting upon wet cotton rolls, chewing on a.

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Feel tooth pain or discomfort? If you're experiencing tooth pain, whether sharp and throbbing or dull and Symptom: Sharp pain when biting down on food.

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Tooth sensitivity, which can feel like a sharp, sudden pain, is fairly by exposure to acids in food and drinks, or the enamel may become worn.

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In more advanced cases, a sharp pain when biting down or lingering irritation after eating hot or cold foods can signal decay or damage to the pulp inside your .

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What to do about it: While a loose filling can be replaced by a dentist, the other causes of dental pain when chewing will need to be addressed by a specialist.

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Are you experiencing a sharp pain when you chew or bite down? The dentists at Eagle Rock Dental Care would like to help you understand what you may Other symptoms you may notice might be sensitivity to temperature and sweet foods.