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Many companies issue pro-forma financial statements in addition to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) -adjusted statements as a way to provide .

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Definition of Pro Forma Financial Statement A pro forma financial statement is one based on certain assumptions and projections (as opposed to the typical.

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Pro forma financial statements are the complete set of financial reports issued by an entity, incorporating assumptions or hypothetical.

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If you're planning your next big business move, pro-forma financial statements should be one of your first steps in the process. These financial.

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SEC Financial Reporting Series. Pro forma financial information. A guide for applying Article 11 of. Regulation S-X. September

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Definition of pro forma statement: Projected or estimated financial statement that attempts to present a reasonably accurate idea of what a firm's financial.

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In accounting, pro-forma financial statements are hypothetical financial reports that show either forecasts of or alterations to actual.

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For example, a company might present a “pro forma” income statement of what its income may have looked like if it did not include the money-losing division it.

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Definition: Pro forma financial statements are preliminary financials that show the effects of proposed transactions as if they actually occurred. In other words.