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Mosquitoes really do prefer some people to others, says Dr. Jonathan Day, a medical entomologist and There's also evidence that one blood type (O) attracts mosquitoes more than others (A or B). . I'm right here, ladies!.

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7 reasons mosquitoes bite some people more than others There are all kinds of wives' tales about what attracts and repels – eating bananas.

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Why mosquitoes bite some people more than others Personally, I'm lucky – I don't tend to get bitten much. rates between people, might result in beneficial conditions for some microbes that can attract mosquitoes.

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Initially, they're attracted by the carbon dioxide we exhale. In fact, while some people attract more mosquito bites than others, there's unlikely.

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Experts try to crack the code behind why mosquitoes like some people more than others. Plus, tips on keeping mosquitoes at bay and the best.

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You come in from a summer hike covered with itchy red mosquito bites, while 15 percent do not, and mosquitoes are also more attracted to.