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The Battle of Wake Island began simultaneously with the attack on Pearl Harbor naval/air .. A Battle History of the Imperial Japanese Navy,

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Battle of Wake Island, (December 8–23, ), during World War II, battle for Wake Island, an atoll consisting of three coral islets (Wilkes, Peale, and Wake) in .

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Articles Featuring Battle Of Wake Island From History Net Magazines. Featured had no idea what was happening a few yards beyond his own command post.

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Take a brief look at the success of the F-6F Hellcat in the raid on Wake Island.

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by Warfare History Network. It was already December 8, , on Wake Island's side of the international date line. The Americans on the tiny.

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By Commander Ryan Ahler, Director's Action Group, Naval History and in , the oft-overlooked battle waged by ordinary Americans became real and poignant. It's difficult to describe just how far away Wake Island is – from anything. . on 17 rikkos (Japanese land attack planes), shooting down two.