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Induction time refers to a period of time that is necessary to initiate a reaction. Induction time allows a chemical reaction to reach a necessary stage. In paint, it is.

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part of the paint formula and must never be poured off –– it must be fully Some coatings also require an induction time to allow the curing reaction to proceed.

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INDUCTION TIME. Sometimes called sweat-in time, the time interval that must elapse after mixing the components of multi-component paint before satisfactory .

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WHAT IS INDUCTION TIME? With water based, two pack epoxy systems, the resin and hardener components exhibit varying degrees of compatibility with one .

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Ask one of our experts and we will have you up and going in no time. time you mix and the time you can start applying a two-part product, such as an epoxy.

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Many epoxy coatings require a specified induction time in order to fully Lower temperatures and/or high humidity will generally require longer induction.

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Q. Most of painting instructions specify as following: 1. The catalyst shall be always added to base component and "NEVER THE.