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An air gauge is recessed in the underside of the stock; better than at the end! A side-lever action runs the shot, 'un-sprung' rotary magazine and the 2-stage.

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Thinking of getting my daughter a pcp she has been annoying me for she enjoys target shooting but my airgun is way too heavy for lydianschoolapparel.com a I've gotta say lightest one I've held was a air arms s it only weighs kg.

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hi guys ok so I been reading a lot about regulated guns and decided to sell my mrod it was getting to heavy to pack thru the trails I have posted on other forums.

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WOW! This airgun is simply amazing. As many of you know, I have a mom who wants to take up shooting with me, and have been buying guns.

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Lightest sub-$ multishot PCP rifle?, Air guns, Airgun Forum.

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My old back injury is playing up and l think l have to be realistic and consider a lighter pcp The Brocock Concept S6 has caught my attention.